Mobile apps are playing an increasingly important role inside brick-and-mortar stores. NN4M can help you create a seamless shopping experience across mobile and in-store.

Using Your App In-Store

One way that retailers are leveraging mobile inside their stores is by providing a separate mode within their app for in-store shoppers that uses the phone’s location technology to provide relevant information based on where they are located inside a store. We are able to add an “in-store mode” to your app with “queue busting” technology including in-store checkout, beacon functionality, barcode scanning, maps and stock checking. If your customers opt in, you can track their location to provide them with an app designed specifically for that store. Your customers could make lists by speaking into their microphone, they could search for products by typing in a word or phrase, and the app would show them where to go.

In-Store Kiosks

NN4M in-store kiosks are designed with today’s multi-channel shopper in mind, enabling you to extend your digital offering to your physical retail space. With the rise of web-based and mobile platforms, customers are now seeking the same breadth of knowledge and choice available online across all channels, including the high-street. E-retail is no longer confined to the virtual world. NN4M works with both NCR and Evoke kiosk platforms, which are the simplest way to display your entire product range in store, improve customer service, streamline selling processes and increase sales.

Kiosk Case Study – Debenhams

After developing iPhone, Android and iPad apps for Debenhams, NN4M worked closely with the retailer to develop an in-store kiosk platform, which has now been rolled out to all 166 Debenhams stores across the UK. Recently, the retailer upgraded its offering in its Oxford Street location to the sleeker and faster Evoke kiosk platform, which is now being added to every new Debenhams store. The touch screen devices enable shoppers to increase their knowledge of the retailer’s brand lines, check stock, pay for items and order goods while on the shop floor. The move is part of the retailer’s ongoing strategy to grow its multichannel service, pairing the capabilities of in-store with its wider offering. Customers can enjoy a new, diverse retail experience with universal access to information and an infinite shelf.