Our platform uses targeted push messaging technology to enable you to connect with your users at the right time and in the right place to drive results.

We help our clients turn downloads into meaningful business by using mobile as a channel for conversation that can ultimately influence customer decisions, improve user retention and increase conversion. The combination of push notifications and in-app messaging has created a truly powerful solution that has been proven to improve conversions, engagement and revenue even when users have not been in the app for days, weeks or months. We help you create customer groups so that you can send targeted and personalised information to the right users. You can ensure the longevity of your app by giving your users the power to set the type of messages they receive and when they wish to receive them.


Push messages give your apps a voice. They are an opt-in mobile messaging channel to send useful information to your customers when and where they want it. Push messaging enables mobile marketers to send updates, offers, promotions or news to their user base from their app. The service is available for all major smartphone operating systems and is completely optional for the end user. It’s easy for users to opt-in or out of any push notification from within the app settings, meaning that it’s a great way to communicate with an engaged mobile audience.

When used effectively, push marketing can boost app engagement significantly and positively influence your customers. This is where we come in.

Using NN4M’s retail-focused push messaging solution, you can easily send segmented, automated push messages to the smartphones of opted-in app users—even when the app is closed on their devices. Add in location services, and you’ll be able to send pushes when your customer is in or near your store. This helps you get your message into your customers’ hands at the precise moment they’re most receptive to it. You can also ensure your app stays at the forefront of your users’ minds by sending inactivity triggers to remind them to interact with your app or to purchase the items in their basket. Our push messaging tools make sure every interaction with your app has positive and desired results.

Our clients report an average 35% response rate on messages sent. If the push message mentions a sale, we see an average 85% response rate.

In App InboxIn app messaging

While push is a highly effective tool, it is not without its limitations. It allows for a very short (128 character) message to be transmitted containing only plain text. Push messages are not always stored in an inbox, meaning they can be easily forgotten. In order to counter this, marketers can take advantage of our in-app messaging capability, which, in combination with push messaging, offers a well-rounded, engaging experience.

Through in app messaging you can interact with your users in real time as they are engaging with your app – when your brand is top-of-mind and they are open to conversion. In-app messaging ensures that you can maintain relationships with your users without intrusion by delivering promotions and messages directly to their in-app inbox.