Dressing stylish customers for special occasions; Coast’s mission to offer the perfect outfit for any occasion ; (day or night ) rests on the quality and availability of its own collection of product designed in house. Translating this brand’s position and objective for the mobile channel, we concentrated on showcasing the product and facilitating a dynamic and personalised experience for customers shopping using their iPhones.

Working alongside the highly motivated Coast team; we designed and delivered a mobile app that enables customers to access the full range of products, to view products in detail; and to move through the (multiple currency-enabled) purchase process with ease and convenience, whether via their mobile phone or in-store. To minimise availability issues and maintain a consistently engaging experience; all current season, occasion and ‘new in’ items are updated on a daily basis. Customers can also tailor push notifications according to individual requirements and tastes. To inspire customers when making that all important outfit decision; we’ve integrated Coast’s newsletter into the app, in addition to offering current season looks, carefully curated by Coast’s expert stylists.

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