the platform

Place yourself ahead of the competition by building bespoke native apps on the NN4M platform; the most advanced and fastest way to native app delivery.

Stable Foundation

The NN4M core platform has been built to seamlessly integrate with any eCommerce systems, platform and providers. Trusted by global brands, our platform provides a tested, advanced and stable foundation for creating engaging mobile experiences.

Continuous Updates

Our platform is continually evolving. Each update is available to our clients at no additional cost meaning as our platform evolves so do our client’s solutions; keeping them ahead of the competition.

Scale for Success

An app platform you can trust to grow with you and your systems. Whether that be the features you wish to enable, the number of customers using your app or the number of orders per minute, hour and day; the NN4M platform will scale to ensure success.

Build Bespoke

Going bespoke does not mean you have to jeopardise technical quality. The NN4M platform excels at providing the most advanced technical foundation as well creating bespoke design with the best UI/UX concepts and knowledge. And if the platform technology doesn’t fit with your business objectives? We will enhance and build to ensure that it does.

Be in Control

Make changes to what your customer’s see without having to re-submit to the App Store. The NN4M platform has been developed to allow changes to be made to apps and their architecture without affecting the front end meaning our clients are always in control.

Add Intelligence

The NN4M platform has a number of intelligence lead tools that help to understand customers, positively influence trading decisions and drive conversion. Industry-first mobile A/B testing, customer focused analytics and intelligence lead marketing capabilities are among some of tools that are available to our client as part of the NN4M platform.

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