Start-rite is the oldest children’s shoe manufacturer in the UK with a deep passion for bringing high quality shoes to children everywhere. They have provided shoes to children from all walks of life, up to and including royalty. Start-rite are a household name and have been long associated with high quality shoes and brand loyalty.

Start-rite partnered with NN4M to create a one of a kind shoe app to bring children’s shoe shopping into the modern era. Our designers and developers worked hard to bring a sleek and polished app to the customers to shake up the shopping experience. We worked closely with the Start-rite team to make sure their vision was brought to life exactly how they wanted it and to transfer the shopping experience that customers have come to know and love into the accessibility of an app.

Start-rite developed a cutting-edge, ingenious measuring system that allows the customers to measure their children’s feet from the comfort of their own home. Simply printing the Start-rite grid straight from the app and then with a few photos, the child’s feet will be accurately measured and shoes in that size will be suggested. The app will also track the child’s foot growth and personalise the home screen so that only shoes the customer would be interested in will be shown. The ‘My Family’ section allows you to track feet growth and apply pictures to each child to mark any important moments to look back on in the future.

Start-rite is available on the Apple App Store

Start Rite

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