Mobile Technology Partner to some of the largest and most successful commerce brands including Selfridges & Co., Brown Thomas and River Island, NN4M build complex and advanced solutions quickly, seamlessly and always within resource.

why nn4m?

NN4M mobile app technology solutions

The Most Advanced App Platform

The NN4M mobile app platform is the most advanced available in the market. We have used our wealth of expertise, experience and knowledge to develop a mobile app platform that consists of features and functionality that are only defined in the roadmaps of other suppliers; meaning our clients can create solutions that place them far ahead of their competition.

NN4M is a mobile app company that can take a native app to market in less than 12 weeks.

Fastest Native App

NN4M is selected by our clients because we are trusted to deliver. We are the only mobile app supplier that can take a native mobile app to market in less than 12 weeks, within resource and on budget. We are never dishonest to our clients and instead work on creating long-term partnerships that guarantee success.

NN4M provides custom retail app development services to retailers across the globe.

not an "out of the box" solution

And that is a good thing! One size does not fit all and no brand should have to compromise their mobile strategy in order to launch quickly and on budget. NN4M will develop bespoke enhancements on top of our already highly advanced platform in order to meet business needs at no additional development cost and still delivering on time.

The NN4M Mobile platform can integrate with third-party platform service, create fully native mobile experiences regardless of the web platform, tools and resources available from third-party suppliers.

seamless & Simple integration

The NN4M platform can integrate with every third-party platform service and provider regardless of API availability; meaning we can create fully native mobile experiences regardless of the web platform, tools and resources available from third-party suppliers.

Global and UK Mobile App Technology Partner, NN4M

Clients have control

NN4M is the mobile partner but our clients have complete control. Like PWAs and mobile web, the NN4M platform has been developed to allow changes to be made to apps and their architecture without affecting the front end; meaning changes can be made without having to release to the app store.

Mobile app push messages and releases


NN4M’s clients see a return on investment in as little as 6 weeks after launch. Why? Because their apps are built on a strong platform that allows NN4M to concentrate on creating a mobile solution that meets their business needs, their customer’s expectations and puts them well ahead of their competition; driving desired results from day 1.


Trusted by our clients, we are always honest about the solution required. NN4M work as the mobile technology partner to create complex and advanced solutions, 50% quicker than anyone else; keeping our clients at the forefront of commerce technology.

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how we build apps

The most important stage of any project is definition. NN4M works closely with all clients to ensure we fully understand your requirements, existing systems, solutions and integrations in order to successfully launch a development project that will guarantee success before development has started.
Great UI and UX is key to creating amazing mobile experiences. Our talented design team consisting of a mixture of UI and UX experts work closely with our clients from day 1 in order to ensure they fully understand the client’s brand and expectations. The output? Pixel perfect and fully functioning prototype ensuring client knows exactly how the app will perform before a line of code has even been written.
Our clients are in the safe hands of a development team who has developed over 50 transactional iOS and Android apps making them extremely experienced at what they do. Development and testing go hand in hand; our QA team work closely with our developers from the start to ensure all code and functionality is tested as soon as development begins.
All NN4M clients receive training on how to use the NN4M platform and it’s tools ensuring they are always in complete control. An account management team with an extensive background in retail and mobile technology are always on hand to help manage, monitor and provide best practise advice. Whenever a new platform feature is released it becomes available to our clients at no additional cost; keeping all NN4M apps up to date with the latest technology.
With NN4M’s bespoke data tools and our industry first mobile app A/B testing, our clients are able to effectively monitor, affect and analyse their mobile apps.